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Role Models and celebrities

Nyle DiMarco

Nyle DiMarco is a Deaf/Queer activist, advocate, actor, and model.  Nyle was the first Deaf contestant to win America's Next Top Model and Dancing with the Stars.  He has gone on to become an advocate for accessibility for Deaf and Hard of Hearing children in education.  He works to raise awareness of issues impacting the Deaf community.  He is also one of the creators behind the Netflix reality show, Deaf U.

Chella Man

Chella Man is a Deaf, transgender man working to educate about Deaf issues and LGBTQ+ issues.  He has a cochlear implant and has spoken about his experience learning American Sign Language in elementary school.  This Video from NOW THIS acts as an introduction to Chella and the work that he does.

Hayden Kristal

Hayden Kristal is a Deaf, queer, Jewish comedian and public speaker.  Hayden teaches a crash course in LGBTQ+ related signs in American Sign Language, which they call GaySL, and also speaks on the importance of intersectional activism.

This TEDx talk provides one example of their work as a public speaker, bringing awareness to the value of intersectionality.

Joshua Castille

Joshua Castille is a Deaf actor who has starred in a number of theatre productions, including the Tony nominated Broadway revival of Spring Awakening.  He has appeared in many shows and films, including an appearance on Switched at Birth, an ABC Family show which starred Academy Award-winning Deaf Actress Marlee Matlin.

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