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General resources for
Educators of deaf lgbtq+ youth


This video from ESC Region 13 will provide you with ten helpful tips for teaching Deaf and Hard of Hearing students!


This video will give you some great information about how to teach your class in the most accessible way possible, whether you are a general education teacher or a Teacher of the Deaf!

For educators

LGBTQ Voices in Education: Changing the Culture of Schooling - by Veronica E Bloomfield & Marni E Fisher

-This book addresses the topics of gender, sexuality, and identity in school as they relate to the ways in which educators are approaching these issues in their teaching.

Deaf Culture (Exploring Deaf Communities in the United States)- by Irene W Leigh, Jean F. Andrews, and Raychelle L Harris

-This book may act as a resource for educators who are not yet familiar with the Deaf community or Deaf culture.  Before teaching DHH students, it is extremely important that teachers understand their experiences and perspectives as thoroughly as they are able to.

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