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Film/tv representation

This Close

'This Close', starring Shoshannah Stern and Joshua Feldman, is a TV series which follows the stories of two Deaf characters, Kate and Michael.  The two are best friends, and the show follows along as they navigate relationships, work, other aspects of life.  'This Close' provides great representation of Deaf/Queer experiences.

Sign: A Short Film

'Sign' is a short, silent film which follows the relationship between Aaron and Ben.  The story unfolds using only a musical score and American Sign Language, no spoken dialogue.  'Sign' gives representation to the Deaf/Queer community and also to relationships between hearing and Deaf.

The Society

'The Society' is a dystopian, teen drama which follows along as a group of teenagers find themselves alone in what appears to be their own hometown, now completely deserted with no explanation.

'The Society' features Deaf actor Sean Berdy playing the role of 'Sam', a gay, Deaf teenager.

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