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Books + Literature for Deaf LGBTQ+ Kids and teens


Emma Every Day
by: C L Reid

The "Emma Every Day" series features eight stories about a young girl named Emma.  The series tells stories about Emma as she grows through many different experiences.  Intended for elementary-aged children, these books introduce readers to American Sign Language in a fun and inviting way.


Moses Goes To...
series by: Isaac Millman

The "Moses Goes..." series includes four books about a young boy named Moses.  Moses is Deaf and uses American Sign Language to communicate.  The books in this series use English as well as illustrations to demonstrate a visual mode of communication.


Diary of a Hard of Hearing Kid
by: Isaiah John Baier

When this book was written, its author, Isaiah Baier, was only eleven years old.  Isaiah lost his hearing as a baby and wrote this book as a sort of autobiography about his life.  DHH children and pre-teens may be able to use this book as a way of seeing their own experiences in someone else's life.


Gracie's Ears
by: Debbie Blackington

This is a book about a young girl named Gracie who receives hearing aids for the first time.  In the story, which is told through rhymes and illustrations, Gracie and her family begins to learn about her hearing loss and the ways in which hearing aids may be able to impact her life.

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